Meet the people creating your film

Jack Pease

Jack has had a keen interest in videography and photography from a young age. From his travels through Australia and South East Asia, he has developed a passion for story telling, and a hunger to always keep pushing himself in his creativity. Working with one of the top travel operators on the planet, Jack has gained the experience and knowledge to grasp the understanding of truly capturing a destination and to tell a story whilst sticking to tight deadlines. 

Brittany Davies

With a background in events, Brittany has developed a wealth of ideas and an extensive understanding of bringing an idea to life.

After 3 years of living abroad & working for a large travel company in multiple countries, Britt learnt the ropes of many marketing techniques as well as observing promotional videos being created to capture the beauty of the destination. Her vision, editorial decisions & creative ideas come together with Jacks knowledge of camera gear and direction, to create the best final video and set the bar high.